Project information



  • Development and implementation of a modern communal Waste Management Concept for the island of Olkhon.
  • Strengthening of the economic foundation to provide for the sustainable development of the Lake Baikal region.
  • Restoration and preservation of the ecological functioning of Lake Baikal.


Primary Motive:

Olkhon – the Island of Sunshine and Cleanliness!


Primary Ideas:

  • Elimination of uncontrolled dumping.
  • Education of and collaborating with the local population.
  • Reduction of waste produced and implementation of recycling programs.
  • Proper disposal of non-reusable residential waste.


Project Span:

September 2006 – August 2008.


Tasks and Provisions in the First Project Year:

  • Investigation of the current national environmental policy goals.
  • Development of waste management goals for the island of Olkhon.
  • Appraisal of the residential waste situation on the island.
  • Evaluation of current residential waste management practices.
  • Analysis of the problem and discovery of areas in need of attention.
  • Selection of a suitable area for interim disposal of residential waste.
  • Development of potential methods to reduce and reuse waste.
  • Formulation of residential waste management strategies with the following focal points:
    • The possibility of separated trash collection and the use of sorting facilities to aid recycling efforts;
    • Selection of a suitable waste collection and transportation systems (such as curb-side or collection systems), especially in the camping areas along the coast;
    • Selection of a viable process for the reduction of organic mass before trash is sent to a landfill; for example, the separate collection of organic waste;
    • Assessment of each region’s ability to reuse the waste it produces;
    • Determine the feasibility of the implementation of modern waste management technologies (best available techniques) under the given conditions;
    • the need for landfills for non-reusable waste.
  • Development of a concrete local waste management concept.
  • Formulation of suggestions for financing such a plan (taxes, duties, fees).
  • Construction of a small environmental laboratory at the Technical University of Irkutsk, which would make practical chemical and physical analysis of residential waste as well as the creation of internship opportunities possible.
  • Implementation of qualitative and quantitative waste analyses.
  • Seminars and internships, in which university students, school students and members of the environmental protection agencies can be further educated.
  • Construction of a website in English, German and Russian.
  • A public relations campaign with information about the goals and work being conducted by the project (the printing of flyers and posters).



  • University of Duisburg-Essen, Chair for Environmental Management, Germany.
  • The Technical State University of Irkutsk, Chair for Raw Material Preparation and Environmental Protection, Russia.


Project Partners:

  • Department of Environmental Protection, Administration of the Irkutsk Region, Russia.
  • Administration of the Olkhon Governmental District, Russia.
  • Non-Governmental Organization "The Baikal Wave", Russia .


Target Groups:

  • Population of the island of Olkhon.
  • Tourist companies in the Irkutsk region.
  • Faculty and students of the Technical University of Irkutsk.
  • Disposal companies.
  • Small and mid-size companies in the recycling and resource processing sector.
  • Domestic and foreign media.